Angeletti Ruzza Design
Famille d'appliques à LED, éclairage diffus double émission. Peut être montée aussi directement devant un miroir (non fourni). Aluminium verni époxy blanc, diffuseurs en polycarbonate opalin. La lampe peut être utilisée aussi comme étagère pour petits objets.
Dessins Techniques
Dessins Techniques
30 60 9 11 102 11 11 9 9
  • 30 LED
    2xlinear LED2x10W1000+1000lmdiffused, Up + Down3000Kdimmable 1-10V230V
    80A+44max mirror size:W23× th 2,5cm
    MetalCode/couleurVII LWW 31 white
  • 60 LED
    2xlinear LED2x12W1200+1200lmdiffused, Up + Down3000Kdimmable 1-10V230V
    80A+44max mirror size:W53× th 2,5cm
    MetalCode/couleurVII LWW 32 white
  • 100 LED
    2xlinear LED2x19,5W1920+1920lmdiffused, Up + Down3000Kdimmable 1-10V230V
    80A+44max mirror size:W95× th 2,5cm
    MetalCode/couleurVII LWW 33 white


“GIÒ was born in a simple and spontaneous way. We imagined our daughter drawing a lamp on a piece of paper: a stylized and essential mark, but full of poetic sensitivity. A circle and a red thread, partner of many adventures…”.


We like the search for the new. Among other things, because there are no given rules, but infinite possibilities for charismatic ideas.