Nemo Novelties 2017

To celebrate the 56th edition of Euroluce Milan from April 4th to April 9th 2017, Nemo is proud to announce new additions to our Contemporary and Masters Collections. These lamps are the dramatic result of bringing together talented world renowned designers and architects to create new stylish state of the art lighting fixtures.

Among those:

Elysée - Pierre Paulin 1970 - Floor/Reading/Wall E27

ARCA-ARCHA - Martino Gamper e Nemo Studio
Mono 3W, 750 nominal lm, 2700K - Trio 9W, 1800 nominal lm, 2700K
GHALYA - Gabriele Rosa - 62W, 4800 nominal lm, 2700K, dimm

POTENCE PIVOTANTE MINI - Charlotte Perriand 1938 

4,5W, 450 nominal lm, 2700K

TUBES 2 - Charles Kalpakian - 2x5W, 2x500 nominal lm, 2700K, dimm TRIAC




We like the search for the new. Among other things, because there are no given rules, but infinite possibilities for charismatic ideas.