Floor, wall/ceiling and pendant lamps based on an extruded and tubular aluminium structure, connected with moulded ABS joints, with white or black painted finish. Thanks to the joints, enabling the profiles to house LED sources, one can rotate 360° in order to produce a directional direct or indirect lighting, screened by an opaline diffuser in polycarbonate. The floor version is designed as such to provide a virtual divider to ambiences, while the ceiling and wall versions allow the enlightenment of the ambience in a versatile and a comfortable way. LED sources are dimmable and with warm tone.

Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
3 6 0 ° 4 4 6 4 1 7 8 3 6 0 ° 3 6 0 °
  • LED
    3xlinear LED8+12+41W800lm+1200lm+4100lmtriple, diffused3000Kmono switch, dimmable110/240V
    83A+20orientable diffuser, dimmer on cable, cable lenght 4,5m
    aluminium + PC + ABSCode/ColorSPI LWW 22 whiteCode/ColorSPI LNN 22 black

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