Tubes 1 wall

Charles Kalpakian

Family of pendant, wall and ceiling lamps, with elements in extruded aluminium. Opal polycarbonate diffusers, for a warm and ambient lighting. Adjustable elements in the wall versions. Available also with dimmer push on the body of the lamp. Ceiling version with a 340° rotation for the ceiling fixed element while the other element is adjustable by 90°.

Technical Drawing
Technical Drawing
5,5 340° Ø 8 23
  • PUSH
    LED board5,5W135lm (luminous output)orientable, spot2700Kdimmable PUSH230V
    80orientable, also available in 120V
    aluminiumCode/ColorTTB LNN 34 black/blackCode/ColorTTB LWC 34 white/copperCode/ColorTTB LWW 34 white/white
    LED board5,5W135lm (luminous output)orientable, spot2700Kdimmable TRIAC230V
    80orientable, also available in 120V
    aluminiumCode/ColorTTB LWC 31 white/copperCode/ColorTTB LWW 31 white/whiteCode/ColorTTB LNN 31 black/black


Wall Shadows Lighting emits angular light modulations when displayed and wall-hung. Blurring the lines between an industrial design piece and a sculptural masterpiece, this artful illuminator is sure to act as a spatial focal point when displayed within one's home.


We like the search for the new. Among other things, because there are no given rules, but infinite possibilities for charismatic ideas.