Bernhard Osann

„As in nature, a minimal of energy and material can fulfil a function at its best.

A lamp makes a statement in relation to the surrounding space also when switched off, all my designs are dynamic, I playfully incorporate movement, flexibility and balance on different levels. I simplify the objects and reduce the material input to a minimum and hence expose these dynamics“.


Designed by Bernhard Osann


The Untitled Linear

“I was inspired by the sculptural and kinetic aesthetics of articulated arms. Radical simplification brings these aesthetics into focus. As the joints work without visible wires or rope hoists the Untitled is reduced to a few precise lines. The result is a graphically appearing, timeless desk lamp, characterized by its flexibility”.

„Il punto di vista di casa Vogue“. Untitled di Nemo Lighting.“ (

„Licht, Objekt, Raum – Design von Bernhard Osann“  (


Bernhard Osann took part at the Instagram campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic #athomewithmylight

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