Table LED lamp in extruded aluminum with T-shaped support in polymer filled with glass fibers. Composed of a protruding matt black painted arm where the light source is located and a vertical brass counterweight. The lamp, placed freely on the edge of a surface, oscillates and moves but always returns to the horizontal position. The LED module incorporated in the arm rotates around its own axis, making the lamp versatile providing diffused direct and indirect lighting. Switching on and dimming through a proximity sensor.r.

Technical drawing

image/svg+xml86 94 1,2


  • LED
    linear LED10W715lm orientable2700Kdimmable on board110/240V
    85A+cable length 2m
    aluminum, technopolymer, brassCode/ColorBIR LNO 11 black

Private residence Milan

Bernhard Osann

“As in nature, a minimal of energy and material can fulfil a function at its best.

A lamp makes a statement in relation to the surrounding space also when switched off, all my designs are dynamic, I playfully incorporate movement, flexibility and balance on different levels. I simplify the objects and reduce the material input to a minimum and hence expose these dynamics”.



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