Lampadaire LED version en appui sur le mur, structure en acier cintré et corps lumineux en aluminium peint noir mat. Corps lumineux en partie terminale pivotant sur lui-même pour un éclairage indirect. Dimmer à pied, un accessoire pour montage mural est disponible.

Technical drawing

image/svg+xml33 205 24 180°


  • LED
    Linear LED11W600lm (luminous output)orientable2700Kdimmable110/240V
    95A+orientable 180°, cable lenght 4,5m, dimmer on cableCode/ColorNEO LNN 21 black

Bernhard Osann

“I was inspired by the sculptural and kinetic aesthetics of articulated arms. Radical simplification brings these aesthetics into focus. As the joints work without visible wires or rope hoists the Untitled is reduced to a few precise lines. The result is a graphically appearing, timeless desk lamp, characterized by its flexibility”.


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